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Valentine's Day

When you think of Valentines Day what do you think of?  Here at Kaleidsocope Berries we are forced to think of flowers but I don't think we are very far from non florists.  Flowers flowers flowers that is what Valentine's Day screams.  Full blooms are the full expression of love especially on that one very special day when you get to tell that special someone that you love them.  The bigger the arrangement the bigger the love that's our motto.  The more roses your valentines day flower arrangement has the more special you great love will feel.  Valentines day is...

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Love American Style

In the U.S. we like to do everything big, we go big or we go home.  We love to show affection in a big way too, and Valentine's Day is no exception.  Valentine's Day flowers are a staple in this celebration.  It is a fact that we have come to know quite well that most partners of our clients prefer their Valentine's Day flowers to be sent to their office rather than receiving them at home.  This wouldn't make much sense, if you get a flower arrangement at home logic would dictate, you could enjoy it much more and you...

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In the mood for love

What gets you in the mood for love? Your senses are probably engaged.  What you see, smell, taste and hear, so what we are thinking that we can cover at least three of those senses with one of our flower arrangements.  This Valentines Day get in the mood for love with one of our acrylic box arrangements.  We can guarantee you the fragrant flowers, the perfect bottle of your favorite beverage and of course the visual masterpiece that only happens when your beloved is looking at one of our arrangements. We are the only florist in Miami that offer the...

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Valentine's Day gift ideas

Ever wonder what is the perfect gift for your perfect someone this Valentine's Day.  We have the perfect answer for you...we suggest flowers of course from Kaleidoscope Berries of course!  In all seriousness any Valentine's gift can be perfectly accompanied by the perfect bouquet of flowers. Think of that perfect stuffed teddy bear you know they will love nestled in the most perfect flower arrangement they have ever seen.  Valentine's Day is never complete without the perfect scent of the perfect flowers.  Aside from flowers that we insist is the perfect gift you can personalize anything that would mean something...

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Valentine's Day flowers

Ever think heavily about what flowers to send your loved one on the holiday of love.  Long stem red roses seems to be what most people think of or at least they start with that idea.  At Kaleidoscope Berries we like to encourage people to expand their horizons and think of new alternative ways to present flowers.  We were the first Miami florist to present flowers in boxes.  A couple of years later everyone in Miami sells flowers in boxes, not handmade covers in fabric like we do but either way the presentation is the same concept.  We however continue...

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Valentine’s Day gifts

When considering what to get your sweetheart for the holiday of love we would love you to realize that you can surround almost any great valentine’s gift idea with flowers. As we all know the best gifts come in small packages so most of your precious gift ideas fit perfectly in our acrylic gift boxes. So think inside one of our boxes and the sky is the limit.

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