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Flowers: a metaphor for life

So many things run through your mind when you are working with flowers. One of the them is how flowers remind you of the cycle of life. When they are in their infancy you want to hurry up the process of them opening. Depending on how quickly you want to use them, as a florist, you hydrate them cute their stems, use all the products and tricks at your disposal so they can blossom. When we are kids we try to grow up as fast as possible. Once they open up and bloom they are their most fragrant  and the prettiest as they spread their petals, and like peacock flaunting it’s beauty, show themselves off! Thats the adukthood of the flower, when they thrive and are at their best. Then comes the aging process they change colors they begin to wilt until they Die and what once was a thriving, blooming, fragrant and gorgeous flower become a foul smelling dry thing, but boy did they bring pleasure to those that received and admired them in the time they were with them. If you look at it optimistically they remind you of how beautiful and short life is. Flowers are a fragrant reminder of the cycle of life and how beautiful the ride is. 

Maggie Mesa

Miami florist to the dreamers and the stars!