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Love and magic is in the details.

When you are a florist, you learn to look at the details in say a flower that most people would not look at.  When you are helping a client with ideas for a party or event it is most important to try and come up with special details that you can add to an event to make it special and unique for the people that are preparing the party.  It is most helpful to sit-down and discuss with your clients any special details that would make this event stand out in the minds of not only your clients but also...

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How to style a party

I am a florist in Miami Florida and quite frankly one of the most exciting things we get the chance to do is help clients that are organizing a party.  There is nothing better, especially when you are given creative license to link all of the details the clients like for the party.  The first thing you do is create a color palette and ask the client or offer them a set of pictures of things they like and the look and feel they would like their event to have.  It is then where your creativity can come to life....

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Valentine's Day and bubbly

Pick your poison and what's more important pick the poison of your loved one.  What can be a better combination than Valentine's Day and your favorite libation.  As a matter of fact we combine the two staples of any perfect holiday.   We successfully combine the most beautiful and fresh flowers with the perfect bottle that you will want to sip with your honey on Valentine's night.  Here in Miami we need to cool off with cool beverages so we know a thing or two about the perfect bubbly.  Let us here at Kaleidsocope Berries, combine yours or your beloveds...

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Valentine Heat

If there is one thing we know about well in Miami, it's heat.  Valentine's Day reminds of the continual heat what we live in with all the red color that is traditionally used on this date.  Our own Miami Heat players were adorned in red and black up until very recently.  This city identifies deeply with the red and black combination that we also happen to use a lot this season as Miami's premier florist.  Nothing says sexy like the combination fo red and black.  We have several different options when it  comes to Valentine's Day floral arrangements in red...

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Gift ideas

Valentine's Day gift giving can be a little stressful or overwhelming.  Some people stress over the perfect Valentine present, some others find the whole idea of Valentine's commercialized and forced.  Either way everyone knows that they can't ignore the holiday all together because your significant other will not find the excuse of, "Valentine's Day is everyday with you" as acceptable.  No amount of complaining about the commercial aspects of the holiday will get you out of giving a Valentine to your hunny. So use your imagination. They best gifts everyone knows are the thoughtful ones.  So think about your significant...

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14 Days of Love

Valentine's Day is officially the day we celebrate the love of that one special someone.  One great idea that we have done several times is send small bouquets of flowers on the first 13 days of February and then on the 14th sending one big flower arrangement.  As a premier florist in Miami we specialize in making one of a kind floral arrangements for all your floral needs.  We love to know that we are helping all our clients out on Valentine's Day.  We love to help all of the love birds that remember how much they love their significant...

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