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Gift ideas

Valentine's Day gift giving can be a little stressful or overwhelming.  Some people stress over the perfect Valentine present, some others find the whole idea of Valentine's commercialized and forced.  Either way everyone knows that they can't ignore the holiday all together because your significant other will not find the excuse of, "Valentine's Day is everyday with you" as acceptable.  No amount of complaining about the commercial aspects of the holiday will get you out of giving a Valentine to your hunny. So use your imagination. They best gifts everyone knows are the thoughtful ones.  So think about your significant other, think of their childhood, any story that they are fond of.  Think of what they have told you they like, want, or miss that they would like to have.  If the answer is not an obvious one, go back a little further there will surely be something that you can think of they they will love.  The more personalized and the more details you can think of the better.  Do you have nicknames for each other that would make your loved one laugh?  Have something personalized with that nickname, a coffee mug, a throw pillow, are just a few ideas.  Is the person you love always cold on a couch? If they are then maybe a monogrammed throw would be perfect for them. Valentine's Day gifts should be as personal as possible, show that you thought of your loved one as much as possible and should show care and attention to detail.  Think and make the person you love feel loved by you, you will surely be loved better for it in the long run.  Love bequeaths love!