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14 Days of Love

Valentine's Day is officially the day we celebrate the love of that one special someone.  One great idea that we have done several times is send small bouquets of flowers on the first 13 days of February and then on the 14th sending one big flower arrangement.  As a premier florist in Miami we specialize in making one of a kind floral arrangements for all your floral needs.  We love to know that we are helping all our clients out on Valentine's Day.  We love to help all of the love birds that remember how much they love their significant this very special time of year.  Valentine's Day is only once a year but it makes everyone feel special if you begin to celebrate the as early in the month as possible.  Valentine's Day is the one day that you can go over the top with all the shows of affection that you want to do all year long and yet always seem too busy to do. Take the 14 the February out not only to celebrate Valentines day but also to shower your loved one with love that quite frankly you should show more than once a year.