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Gift ideas

One of the reasons KB was made was so we could find excuses to give gifts in an unforgettable way. There is nothing more satisfying to people that truly enjoy gift giving, than to give THE PERFECT gift! When Christmas comes around everyone is concerned with giving the perfect Christmas gift, but the truth isn’t for us this quest goes on all year round.  We wanted to create here at KB a place where you could relax and let us take care of all the details that might normally drive you crazy. We love to come up with new and original ways to present reusable gifts that can also hold nature’s most beauty gift... flowers. We love to create ways that you can give flowers to men for example. We pride ourselves in presenting gifts that are typically male gifts such as cuff links and watches surrounded my flowers emclosd in Sharp modern black acrylic boxes. We have also surrounded cologne bottles and champagne, whisky, tequila bottles with gorgeous flowers making any gift seem masculine and edgy and also beautiful. For women we not only sweeten their lives with the most beautiful blooms we can find, but we put them in items they can enjoy for years to come. Our recycled wood, fabric covered boxes can be used to store an Array of goodies. Our acrylic boxes have famously been used over And over again by our customers as they create their own designs. We also are very proud of all the gorgeous gift decorative boxes we fill with flowers for our customers. The truth is that we get so excited when we find yet another way to present flowers as gifts and that contain gifts. We just can’t get enough. So if you’re frustrated avoid what to give this holiday season, don’t be, just call us. We literally can’t wait to help you. 


Maggie Mesa , Miami florist to the dreamers and the stars!