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Our new limited edition decorative box collection

We couldn’t be more exciting to present this Christmas season an extended version of what we have always tried to do. We have a new collection of decorative boxes that we have paired with winter greens, ornaments and of course fresh flowers. The best thing we can offer our customers is the type of gift that has another gift in its midst. We love the idea of flowers. Obviously we went into the flower business because of our string desire to work with the most beautiful ornament nature has given us. The excitement of discovering new and exciting ways to design floral arrangement. We are just as excited however to find ways to present these Beauties in ways and things that the recipient will enjoy. This Christmas we believe we have found the perfect combination between nature and design. We present to you our home collection. Beautiful and Unique home decorative boxes that you can enjoy over and over again long after our stunning winter greens and flowers have faded. We think you will be thrilled to know that you no longer have to search for the perfect gift. We have taken care of that for you. We know exactly what you should buy for your attorney, your doctor, the hostess to that fabulous party uoi will attend... just pick a box and we will do the rest!!  Happy holidays! 


Maggie Mesa Miami florist to the dreamers and  the stars!