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How to style a party

I am a florist in Miami Florida and quite frankly one of the most exciting things we get the chance to do is help clients that are organizing a party.  There is nothing better, especially when you are given creative license to link all of the details the clients like for the party.  The first thing you do is create a color palette and ask the client or offer them a set of pictures of things they like and the look and feel they would like their event to have.  It is then where your creativity can come to life.  Flowers are the focal point of any party, they are in the middle of all the tables that the event has and usually has some other focal point.  Events can have a dessert table, hanging flowers from ceiling beams, flower structures or a wall of flowers.  There are so many options when it comes to how to incorporate flowers in an event, that really there is no limit.  Once you have the colors that the clients like, you show them an array of flowers from those flowers you can begin to see what they like and from that point on you can begin the decipher what this event will look like.  The process from the day of the first meeting until the day of the event is an exciting one and one that is filled with creative and the satisfaction of knowing that you were able to make the connection with your client and make their vision come to life.  Idea to reality is the most exciting of journeys for any creatives.  So create away!