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Love and magic is in the details.

When you are a florist, you learn to look at the details in say a flower that most people would not look at.  When you are helping a client with ideas for a party or event it is most important to try and come up with special details that you can add to an event to make it special and unique for the people that are preparing the party.  It is most helpful to sit-down and discuss with your clients any special details that would make this event stand out in the minds of not only your clients but also all the guests attending the event.  Sometimes matching the invitations, the details of a dress, including initials, images of hobbies, pictures, or anything that would be relevant and make your work as a local florist stand out.  We have the privilege of being able to use domestic small business owners that makes for us custom fabric covered hatboxes that we use for flowers.  We can add in silkscreen almost any image that would make an event special to your client.  A box full of flowers gives you the ability to add the a personalized approach to any event or party.  We have been able to include names, nicknames, dates, company logos, and relevant images to parties and events.  We have learned that as florists, as many details that we can add the more singular we can make an event for any client, and we couldn't be happier!