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Valentine’s Day ideas

We are in the flower business so Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of the year for us and 90% of all the arrangements that are ordered from us are red roses. Red is by far the most popular color for this holiday. As much as we love the traditional look of valentine’s we also encourage our customers to think outside the box and be creative with the colors they can send their loved ones. You can be as creative as you like and still get that Valentine’s Day look that you want. Be creative and don’t be scared the...

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This is our favorite time of year again bc we celebrate love. Valentine’s Day is commercialized so many people say. I don’t find that to be true. We receive so many messages that are so sweet and full of love that we are fully aware that valentine’s day is the day where people express their love for that someone special. Do not be fouled by the complaint most people have about valentine’s day and just enjoy sending flowers to those you love this very special holiday. Valentine’s is THE holiday of giving flowers and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

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Month of love

We love February so much !!! It’s the month of love and birthday celebrations. We can’t get enough of how this month makes us feel. It’s a such a perfect time to think about how our loved ones make ya feel. Start off with the smallest gestores and fill our loved ones with gestures of love. Just saying him love someone can be the greatest gift. Can transform their day or even their lives. Some people have a cynical or jarred view of valentines and what it stands for. We have heard many people complain that it is all bases...

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We have always said that Christmas is our favorite holiday to work. This is because most rules are out the window and he have free reign to do as we please. No rules govern how much glitter and how many ornaments we can ass to arrangement and in our case how creative we can be to come up with ways to present our flowers. There is however one others “most favorite” holiday to work and that is Valentine’s Day! It’s not because we can paint snow cones with white snow spray but rather it’s because it’s all about love!!!  We...

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We love planning our events with your clients. It’s one of the things that we enjoy the most. Miami is not only our hometown but also the perfect setting for a perfect event. Barring the crazy heat what can be a better backdrop to an event tha our gorgeous waterfront settings it maybe a view of our skyline. We always find the perfect elements to compliment the style that you are looking for at your event. There is nothing we like more than creating a mood, a look, a feeling that serves as a connective theme from start to finish....

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Our new limited edition decorative box collection

We couldn’t be more exciting to present this Christmas season an extended version of what we have always tried to do. We have a new collection of decorative boxes that we have paired with winter greens, ornaments and of course fresh flowers. The best thing we can offer our customers is the type of gift that has another gift in its midst. We love the idea of flowers. Obviously we went into the flower business because of our string desire to work with the most beautiful ornament nature has given us. The excitement of discovering new and exciting ways to...

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