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Gift ideas

One of the reasons KB was made was so we could find excuses to give gifts in an unforgettable way. There is nothing more satisfying to people that truly enjoy gift giving, than to give THE PERFECT gift! When Christmas comes around everyone is concerned with giving the perfect Christmas gift, but the truth isn’t for us this quest goes on all year round.  We wanted to create here at KB a place where you could relax and let us take care of all the details that might normally drive you crazy. We love to come up with new and...

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Miami florists.

Being a florist in Miami, the city I was born and raised in, is sometimes such a contradiction. In this wonderful Christmas time we are dealing with 80 degree heat and yet making wreaths and trying to design arranagmemts that scream WINTER WONDERLAND! We work in a cold environment to help our flowers out and yet we step outside handsfull and carrying boxes filled with flowers, and we immediately start sweating, it’s all a bit confusing. Luckily we have help!  we have faux snow flakes for instance that we can work with giving us an instant winter boost. We have...

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More is more

There is no better time than Christmas, there’s a reason why they say it’s “the most wonderful time of the year”. This is the one time a year where a designer can freely embrace the unbridled Desire to do more !!  Everything that glitters is acceptable. Everything shiny and whimsical is not only ok it’s expected. . This is when we get to mix peonies with painted glittery succulents. Christmas green Sprinkled with fake snow and cinnamon sticks mix perfectly. Can anything be more perfect? From December first to the 25th we will happily provide our clients with amazing gifts...

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Flowers: a metaphor for life

So many things run through your mind when you are working with flowers. One of the them is how flowers remind you of the cycle of life. When they are in their infancy you want to hurry up the process of them opening. Depending on how quickly you want to use them, as a florist, you hydrate them cute their stems, use all the products and tricks at your disposal so they can blossom. When we are kids we try to grow up as fast as possible. Once they open up and bloom they are their most fragrant  and the prettiest...

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